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The Journal Review

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Journal Reviews
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We're just starting out...but here's the gist of it

Curious to know of How good of a journal you have? Or just looking for friends wih interesting journals? then Welcome to journalreviews This is where you get your Journal Reviewed by the Judges and get this very nice banner to post in your userinfo. We try to be honest, helpful, and constructive and will do our best to help you improve on your journal. To apply to have your journal reviewed click Here.

The Judges are:
Not yet assigned (there will be atleast two)

To Be Reviewed Comment on the first post


If you join, you must get your journal reviewed, that's kinda the point. You can have your journal reviewed more than once. To request review, comment Here.

Soon we will start making it where only judges can post in the journal. While we're getting organized you can post your application for judge there...we'll have a vote to see who gets to judge.

Everyone who would like their Journal reviewed will have it reviewed of course! Just comment on the first entry and we shall Judge.

Friends-only journals are OK, we will comment back to you to tell you which judge is going to be assigned to grade you, then of course you must add them

You must JOIN and become a MEMBER to be reviewed keep this in mind. If you join you are giving us a right to review your journal anytime!!

Rules here are strictly enforced.

Note* You will just be assigned a reviewer once you comment to be reviewed and once we get some good reviewers. If you are interested in being a reviewer please post and we will discuss your qualifications.